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Mon, Mar. 17th, 2014, 08:34 am
wneleh: Media References to Fanfic, the week ending 3/15/14

Veronica Mars sparked a few refs this past week. Houston Press’s Stephanie Zacharek wrote that the new film is like fan fiction without the delusional megalomania. In the Syndey Morning Herald, Darryn King wrote When fans heard that the series was in danger of being axed, they didn't stand by cranking out increasingly sexy fan fiction (though there's plenty of that around). And, several less-mainstreamy publications, such as The Escapist, shared that Veronica Mars Fan Fiction Will Be Published By Amazon through Kindle Worlds (Marshall Lemon).

In the Fort Scott Tribune, Jason E. Silvers profiled local author Kathryn Salsbury, who is currently enjoying the success of her debut novel, "The Plan," an erotic fiction novel published in February. The book originally started as online [Twilight] fan fiction stories written in "real time" as daily journal entries from the point of view of the book's lead female character.

For Wired’s Underwire, Angela Watercutter wrote Like X-Files fanfic writers, bronies have made My Little Pony Friendship is Magic something all their own. (I didn’t read enough of the article to figure out why she drew that particular parallel.)

It seems that Girls creator Lena Dunham is going to be writing some Archie comics; For those who cannot wait until 2015, here at CBC Books we've created some Lena Dunham-inspired Archie fan fiction.

Drew Grant’s response in New York Observer to a critic’s suggestion about how to lend Girls some gravitas: I’m sorry…is this fan fiction? What is this?

Newsweek’s Rusty Foster wrote that [Ezra] Klein has been criticized for another hire as well, Brandon Ambrosino, whose schtick is being gay but writing anti-gay fanfic.

Darren Franich, for Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch, in an interesting article about True Detective and the fan experience: Everyone experiences art and entertainment in their own way. (I never really understood the instinct towards writing FanFiction — but I did spend a year and a half basically writing Jersey Shore FanFiction.)

College Times published some College Fanfiction by Jorge Salazar.

In Publishers Weekly, Sally Lodge wrote about Scholastic’s new The Worlds Collide online hub [which] will also offer kids weekly rewards, including fan fiction story-starters.

For West Seattle Herald, in an article about fandom, Kyra-lin Hom wrote Then there was the Internet and suddenly, even if a storyline only had 100 followers out of 7 billion people on this planet, those 100 fans could all find one another and forge a fandom. A fandom is exactly what it sounds like. It is an intangible kingdom consisting of everything related to a particular story – be it a book, TV show, game, whatever. The residents are the fans, constantly consuming and generating their own fandom content through chatrooms, role-play, cosplay, fanfiction, fanart, or even just talking obsessively about it with their friends.

Finally, for Khaleej Times, Vir Sanghvi concluded an article on Sherlock Rather than trusting Batman, James Bond or Tarzan to the owners of the copyrights, the digital world is going to hand such iconic characters over to the people who understand them best — their fans.

Mon, Mar. 17th, 2014 04:48 pm (UTC)

I loved both those last two articles; very balanced and thought provoking.

Mon, Mar. 17th, 2014 07:47 pm (UTC)

Yeah, the whole week was pretty good. A change from the past few!

Mon, Mar. 17th, 2014 08:00 pm (UTC)

I wonder if the Veronica Mars fan-financed film is a portent of things to come.

Mon, Mar. 17th, 2014 10:33 pm (UTC)

Re: Ambrosino -- how much self-hatred do you have to have to be this person?? ::iz puzzled::

I like Kyra-lin Hom's definition of fandom: "...an intangible kingdom consisting of everything related to a particular story...It’s both a terrible pit and a brilliantly awesome chance at community. " Yup, that's it. His observation that "This clash between producer and consumer is most virulent over ‘fan-pairings.’ " is spot-on. You only have to look at the response to JKR's recent revelation that Hermione and Ron shouldn't have been paired up -- that one annoyed everyone, both the canon-purists and the people who gleefully shrieked "I knew it all along!!"

While it may be true that "Back in my day (and isn’t that just ridiculous), fans had no power. We never expected anything to come of our [work]," if he'd only dug a little further into history he'd have had realized that that too is a recent development :) But I really like his concluding paragraph, that's terrific.