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Strikethrough/Boldthrough/Boldface '07 - Issues and beyond

Now that Strikethrough 2 or whatever name it'll be called has occurred, something struck me as interesting. Namely, how many issues that the Strikethroughs raise. Though, yes there's discussion of basic issues of LJ/6A's handling, appropriateness, respect for content, etc. I also find that it brings up many other issues in my discussions with people about the subject, or that I see as I observe the reactions.

So, perhaps more fascinating to me than the core issues are how many other issues it brings up in regards to fandom, fan culture, and soforth. I categorized issues raised as I've seen them so far, for discussion.

So, in short: Things I've Seen Discussed Due To Strikethrough(s) in Fandom and Thoughts On That.

This isn't comprehensive, but it fascinated me how one incident could bring up discussions, arguments, splits in opinions not even related directly to the actual occurence.

  • It's just business/It's a freedom of speech issue - Needless to say, some people aren't going to let the "it's just business" argument slide, and argue LJ is caving in ways they see as dangerous precedents.
  • How well LJ/6A have handled these issues - Almost NO argument here. Most arguments I've seen are that they've done an abysmal job and somehow keep digging themselves deeper. If there's an argument it's usually "LJ/6A: Great screw-ups or GREATEST screw-ups."
  • Goodbye porn-lovers/Support for diverse fandom - Much to my surprise, I've seen shrugged fandom shoulders over some of the banned community to the tune of "whatever, they just want their porn, who cares." Frankly, I didn't expect to see this reaction. I wonder if at times fandom is divided over sexual content, which leads to . . .
  • "Fandom is All About Porn/No It's Not" - Another issue that's come up in my discussions and exploration of reaction to this issue is the statement that fandom online is largely about pornography, and arguments to the contrary. All Avenue Q jokes aside, it's not an argument or discussion I'd seen before.
  • We can found our own service/yeah, sure that'll work - As we've seen there are people discussing founding fandom journals and alternate sites. I also see questioning if fans can be as organized as that, or if it'll be much of a success.
  • It's an issue of Free Speech/No it's a business - The argument/discussion that never ends - the assumption a business has free speech obligations of some kind versus not.
  • Social responsibility and fanfiction content/accessibility - I've seen a few cases of people discussing the question about responsibility for content and how that content is accessible, asking such things of "is there going too far" and "how obligated are you to keep some materials out of the hands of minors" and so-on. A discussion we've all seen before, but this raises it again.
  • The Great Fandom Showdown/Never going to happen - Sometimes, it seems when there's an incident like this, there's discussion of someday how Fandom will need to make a stand against PTBs/laws/etc. I wonder if this is some kind of pseudomeme, or if its just something that comes up. Is there a sense among some that someday there must be some "ultimate conflict"?
  • Dependency on technology - This is an interesting one in my mind - does fandom get too dependent on various sites, technologies, etc.

So, there's the issues I've see. Have folks seen the latest incidents bring up any other issues/conversations. Any thoughts?

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