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Sun, Feb. 2nd, 2014, 08:08 am
wneleh: Media References to Fanfic, the week ending 2/1/14

Bloomberg BNA’s Anandashankar Mazumdar reported that Naomi Novik, a novelist and representative of the Organization of Transformative Works, New York, advocated for a broad application of fair use before the House Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet.

For Bustle, Emma Cueto wrote The truth about fan fiction is that it’s a bit of a misnomer. It conjures up images of rabid, crazy-eyed teens so obsessed that they just have to have more even if they must write it themselves. A better term than “fan fiction” might be “inspired fiction” in the sense that it’s a story inspired by another story. It’s fiction rooted in other fiction. But often times, it can still stand on its own.

According to Us Weekly, Ellen DeGeneres recently tweeted that her cats love Harry Potter fan fiction.

Darling Husband the_gadgetman alerted me to Slash, the card party game that lets you bring the wild creative abandon of fan fiction to your evening. Make pairings that authors, creators and historians never dreamed of.

Author G. Willow Wilson told KUOW’s Michael Martin that the new Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan is, in many ways, the typical public high school student living in Jersey City. She's kind of a geek girl, she writes fanfiction, she shops at consignment stores. She's also the daughter of Pakistani immigrants.

For Wired’s Innovation Insights, Stephen Bradley wrote At AuthorBee, we are firm believers in the power of a good story — and in the power of a community to tell a rich story while engaging its members fully and on a very personal level. “Stories” can be anything — from fan fiction to local news, a hip hop song or even a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

In a piece on Frozen for Entertainment Weekly, Marc Snetiker wrote It's not just the soundtrack that's snowballed. Older fans have taken over YouTube and Tumblr with parodies, fan fiction, and viral videos of their toddlers belting the movie's tunes.

In an International Business Times AU piece on Once Upon a Time, Arlene Paredes wrote For now, fans content themselves with speculations and fan fiction.

The Irish Film & Television Network profiled academic Dr. Liam Burke and his Fan Phenomena: Batman: The collection covers everything from costume-clad convention attendees to fan fiction in order to chart Batman’s evolution from a six-page comic to the world’s most popular superhero.

In a review of I, Frankenstein for Arkansas Times, Sam Eifling wrote At least we get a sexy science woman (Yvonne Strahovski) to add a laugh when she realizes the Very Serious Experiments she has been running are actually in the service of this gothic Dan Brown fan fiction.

And now, the Sherlock/ACD refs! Ventura County Reporter’s Chris O'Neal began an article In the time between the death of Sherlock Holmes in Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1893 short story “The Final Problem” and his resurrection in 1903, fans theorized about how he survived. This was the birth of fan fiction (or fanfic). Year zero. For The Wesleyan Argus, Haley Rauch wrote For those readers in “Sherlock” withdrawal, there is plenty of fan-made art and fan fiction to carry you through this hiatus (which is now confirmed to end on Christmas 2014, bless the BBC). The Daily Northwestern’s Mollie Cahillane wrote Don’t let up fan fiction writers: People are listening! This is particularly evident with a homoerotic version of events and a version with Molly Hooper as Sherlock’s leading lady, all complete with plenty of action. And, Tyler Rudick wrote that With the third season of Sherlock officially released to the world, Chinese Anglophiles are breathing new life into Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic characters with — you guessed it — homoerotic fan fiction and amazing nicknames for TravelersToday.

For The Hindu, Vasundhara Sirnate wrote Works of domestic fan fiction can seem to piggyback on international bestsellers and the recent movement colloquially called ‘chick lit’ makes one wonder what female empowerment is really beginning to mean in India.

And, finally, The Independent Singapore News published a piece by Ryan Ong which contained the following: If your passion is writing Twilight fan fiction, I’m sure someone out there will chuck a few dollars (or a brick in my case) your way; but don’t count on it covering the down payment for your flat.

Sun, Feb. 2nd, 2014 08:23 pm (UTC)

I enjoyed the heck out of BBC Sherlock; not feeling ficcy, but that's mostly because there's really just one way things can go IMO - the removal of Mary from the picture, 'cause canon!John sure didn't have a child - and I don't want to write it.

I think I'd enjoy Elementary but I don't have time for another show (am behind on the three I do follow - Sleepy Hollow, SHIELD, and Community).