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Media references to fanfic, the week ending 5/13/17

For The New Indian Express, Vidya Vijay and Astha Narang noted Bengaluru is one of the many Indian cities riding the the Hallyu Wave. There are online communities promoting this culture -- hosting discussions on Korean pop music and dramas -- and people learning the language and greeting friends with a ‘Anyeounghoseyo’. There are meetups organised at Korean restaurants, groups that follow the fashion of Korean idols and readers who track fan fiction religiously.

For Publishers Weekly, Sue Corbett quoted St. Martin’s Press editor Sylvan Creekmore: Part of fandom and fan fiction and fan culture is taking something from a story that spoke to you and making it your own, and that’s incredibly potent in communities that feel underrepresented in popular culture.”

Belleville News-Democrat’s Mary Cooley reported Type in “real Batman videos” into YouTube’s search panel, and millions of options appear. Videos run the gamut from fan fiction shot with a cell phone to professional and copyrighted productions. After July 14, one of those viewing options — “Batman: Master of Fear” by a Smithton man — will blend the intensity of fan fiction with the professionalism of trained actors and movie makers.

Daniel Van Boom shared with CNET readers that, in his opinion, the infinity of Star Wars fan fiction, written on the internet or just fantasized aloud among friends, seems to be a big element of the vociferous hatred for the prequels. It's like a reverse-Vader effect.

Check Please creator Ngozi Ukazu wrote NPR’s Neda Ulaby "I would say my estimated readership is at least 120K […] 10k people check out [my] updates whenever they're posted. And it might be more interesting to talk about the 5000 fanfictions that have been posted on the fanfiction site AO3."

In 'Bros and the dark times behind their bouncy pop' the Sydney Morning Herald, Jenny Valentish wrote that one member’s depiction of some of the band’s exploits sounds like fan fiction made flesh.

An article by USA Today’s Maeve McDermott began Promoting a new album is hard work, and for Harry Styles, that work involves gamely commenting on One Direction fan-fiction theories. "Oh, is that a thing?" he said, amused by the supposed link between his new song Sweet Creature and his 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson. "Well, whatever it is that it makes one feel. But I think if you listen to the lyrics, you can work out what it’s about."

The Washington Post’s Rachel Podnar asked Who’s here for Justin Trudeau/Emmanuel Macron fan fiction?

Author Adam Silvera told MTV’s Marisa Kanter I was writing Harry Potter fan fiction and Charmed fan fiction and Supernatural fan fiction as a kid. I mean, those were the stories that I was obsessed with.

For reasons I couldn’t be bothered to figure out, CNET’s Ben Fox Rubin wondered Can the US Army's sci-fi fan fic save us from a dark future?

Finally, for NewStatesman, Eleanor Margolis mused are we so hungry for lesbian visibility that we’re looking to K-pop fanfiction to tide us over until the new season of Orange Is the New Black is released?

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