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Media references to fanfic, the week ending 5/27/17

From Todd Spangler in Variety: YouTube Stars, Wattpad Stories Tapped for Fullscreen’s Fan-Fiction Anthology Series. Yikes.

In 'Girl power: How the fans whose tastes we’ve been most dismissive of may prove the most resilient,' National Post's Sadaf Ahsan wrote Their taste is – more often than not – dismissed as hysterical. They populate Twitter, blogs and online forums. They hit up Ticketmaster on the dot. They write fan-fiction pairing their favourite singers together. They form fanclubs and fansites. And they scream louder than just about anyone else. They are young girls, and as such, the things that they love are open to ridicule, merely because they love them so boldly and with such eager abandon.

For the Duluth News Tribune, Christa Lawler wrote, of the Franconia Sculpture Park, The horizon is a post-apocalyptic fan-fiction fodder: a collection of wooden houses — one sunken, one seemingly airborne, one roofless, one dog-shaped — all alongside animals taken out of context, LEGO-like structures, geometrics, human figures and singled-out body parts.

For The Guardian, Claire Armitstead wrote, of Margaret Atwood, Her penultimate novel, The Heart Goes Last, began its life on the fanfiction platform Wattpad, and she has 1.6 million Twitter followers, to whom she tweets a dozen times a day on subjects ranging from the urgent need to protect the monarch butterfly to the vilification of Hilary Clinton.

Regarding Game of Thrones for Irish Times, Patrick Freyne wrote We’re on the home stretch now, a short penultimate seventh season before a final eighth season next year, when it’ll all be over bar the five proposed spin-off prequels (seriously). And of course, your fan fiction, which I’ve read and which is excellent.

In a review for The National, Steve Donoghue wrote that A New Literary History of Modern China runs through a staggering array of literary forms, from prison memoirs to travelogues to Socratic dialogues to stage plays to pop song lyrics, to the rough equivalent of fan fiction written about silent films.

In 'Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron Reach Peak Dudeplomacy' for Observer, Margaret Abrams wrote Fan fiction is already in the works, but feel free to contribute your own.

USA Today’s Kelly Lawler said, of Baywatch, This movie is kind of like The Rock and Zac Efron fan fic, if we're being very honest.

In a review for Charleston City Paper, Stratton Lawrence wrote It's not a stretch to call Quartett, Luca Francesconi's internationally-acclaimed opera that makes its U.S. debut in Charleston this week, a piece of ultimate fan fiction. The story of Merteuil and Valmonte, two vengeful ex-lovers sparring through the cruelty and seduction of each other's family and friends, was born in 1782 in Pierre Choderlos de Laclos's novel, Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

In 'A study in adaptation: The Russian 'Sherlok Kholmz'' for Daily Sabah, Nagihan Haliloglu wrote Many readers will know that his creator Sir Arthur Cannon Doyle tried to kill him off because he was overwhelmed by his character's popularity and had practically become bound to his "creature," not unlike Dr. Frankenstein. But Sherlock's fans were so agitated by his death that Doyle was practically forced to bring him back; in a way, Doyle had to write fan-fiction of his own fiction, pressured by Sherlock's fans for whom Sherlock was more real than his author.

For The Atlantic, Robinson Meyer noted Trump’s budget remains a kind of fiduciary fan fiction for Freedom Caucus conservatives, who can fantasize about a skinnier government without ever living with the political consequences. So even if it never come to pass, it’s worth noting: This is what they want.

In an interesting New York Times piece on censorship, Balli Kaur Jaswal admitted there was a lot of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” fan fiction in my early career.

In a NewStatesman review of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Pauline Bock wrote It is a story of sons and daughters – Turner’s son Henry is following in the family tradition, trying to save his father from a curse – usually the sign that a series is dangerously lurking into fan fiction (here's looking at you, Harry Potter’s Cursed Child).

For New Republic, Jeet Heer wrote [Louise] Mensch often veers into surrealistic fan fiction, saying she believes Russian President Vladimir Putin “murdered” Andrew Breitbart in 2012, “funded riots in Ferguson” against police violence, and entrapped Anthony Weiner in a sexting scandal with a 15-year-old girl.

Finally, for Shepherd Express, Russ Bickerstaff wrote Robots and burlesque go together like...robots and burlesque. And really, what could possibly be more sexy than a Dalek? The first weekend of June finds Dainty Rogues asking that very question as the locally-based group presents an all-original Dr. Who fan fiction for the stage.

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