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Media references to fanfic, the week ending 6/3/17

For a review of Zoe Fraade-Blanar and Aaron M Glazer’s Super Fandom: How Our Obsessions are Changing What We Buy and Who We Are for The Hindu, Sravanthi Challapalli wrote Did you know the Bible had its own fan fiction dating back to the 15th century, attributed to Margery Kempe who could neither read nor write?

From CBC Radio: Scholastic pulls fan-fiction Minecraft book that compares Indian name to a fart.

Claire Fallon presented Diving Deep Into The Erotic World Of ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Fiction for Huffington Post.

In ‘Did Prince Harry hit up Obama for advice on Meghan Markle?’ for The Mercury News, Martha Ross wrote the fact that the two have obviously hit it off and might share similar global and philanthropic concerns, as well as a fun-loving sense of humor, can lead to some serious fan fiction-type speculation.

For a GMA News piece on Newsies, Paul John Cana quoted a fan friend: “Yes it was a Disney musical but it started out as a regional production then it was supposed to have a limited Broadway run, but it eventually got a full run. It has dedicated fans called ‘fansies’ who watch the show multiple times, give gifts to the actors, and even write fan fiction."

A Tyler Wilson piece for The Spokesman Review about a graduating high school senior shared that She enjoys reading and writing her own stories, including fan fiction for “Robotech,” an ’80s anime series her parents introduced to her.

In ‘The Myth of the Kindly General Lee’ for The Atlantic, Adam Serwer wrote This is too divorced from Lee’s actual life to even be classed as fan fiction; it is simply historical illiteracy.

From Mark Mann for Toronto Life: Justin Trudeau’s meet-cute with Emmanuel Macron has launched a new wave of steamy Trudeau fan fiction.

In a review of Still Star-Crossed for Slant, Nathan Frontiero wrote that the show feels like half-baked fan fiction tacked onto half-assed SparkNotes.

In a piece about today’s crossword for The New York Times’s Wordplay, Deb Amlen wrote CANON is the story as written by an original author, and fan fiction is a homage of sorts that branches out from or changes things about the CANON.

From Gavia Baker-Whitelaw on The Daily Dot: Pinboard just bought Delicious, which brings a wild story full circle.

Finally, for Daily Mail Australia, Alex Michael wrote Perhaps fearing [Orange is the New Black] and [</i>Wentworth</i>] will never crossover, some devout fans have even been driven to produce fan fiction to fill the void.

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