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Media references to fanfic, the week ending 6/11/17

From Kaitlyn Tiffany on The Verge: Crowdsourced definitions of ‘fan fiction’ hint at a sprawling, formless genre.

In a Newsweek piece about The Babadook as gay icon, Claire Shaffer wrote It’s no wonder, then, that the internet is quick to pounce on anything that might even remotely resemble queer representation. It’s part of why “slash fiction” is so popular on Tumblr, and why the 2015 period piece Carol still has a sizable internet following two years later.

There was a bit of chatter in parts of the media I don’t usually include here about [a] Harry Potter Fan Film [which] Explores Voldemort’s Origins (Ana Dumaraog, Screen Rants).

Regarding the 1956 meeting Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash, Elgin Courier-News’s Annie Alleman wrote It's a story that sounds like a music historian's fan fiction, but it actually happened one night in Memphis.

From a piece about China’s Generation Z by Qi Xijia for Global Times: Ling Ling, a graduate student from Shanghai University, said for a time she craved to be a voice actor because she had a crush on some Japanese anime characters, but now this idea has been replaced by her new interest in writing fanfiction for characters of the Marvel comic book universe.

For Irish Times, Anna Carey wrote By the time we hit The Deathly Hallows, much of which seemed to consist of Harry, Ron and Hermione doing not very much in a magic tent, and which ended with what felt like a cheesy piece of fanfic, much of the magic had gone.

In TV Adaptations Must Figure Out When to Go by the Book — or Risk Fan Frenzy' for Variety, Diane Garrett interviewed “American Gods” showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green: “We were wondering aloud to each other what they were doing when we weren’t reading about them on the page,” Green says. “That’s where the fan fiction comes in.”

Cosmopolitan’s Eliza Thompson is definitely going to read some [Wonder Woman] fan fiction and look up old comics.

The Omaha Reader’s Ryan Syrek wrote that Interstellar felt like “crying pornography” littered with Matthew McConaughey snot bubbles and Anne Hathaway making a speech about love so repellant I wanted to write Shakespearean fan-fiction where Romeo and Juliet decide to just be friends.

According to Meaghan Kirby on Hello Giggles, Chris Hemsworth appears to be writing his own Avengers fan fiction, and we're surprisingly okay with this.

In '"Prison Break's" Long-Anticipated Return' for New University (UC Irvine), Caitlin Antonios wrote When the audience meets these characters seven years later, their lives make sense. It doesn’t feel unnatural or like some bad fanfiction that somehow made it onto the small screen.

In ‘Behold the Idyll-Beast, the Bigfoot of Idyllwild’ for LA Weekly, Drew Tewksbury wrote [David] Jerome says the idea was far better than their runners-up, Squirrelzilla or the Chuparealator. He's been documenting the Beast sightings for years, and occasionally pens Beast fan fiction, which he publishes on the Idyll-Beast Blog.

David Harbour told LA Times’s Nardine Saad "I read tweets, [Stranger Things] fan art and fan fiction [while recovering from surgery] about Hopper and Joyce (Winona Ryder). I love the passion of the fans. I’ll read it all day — Hopper-Joyce making out. I’ll read it."

From BBC News: Mr Trudeau and Mr Obama's friendship has been heralded as one of the great "bromances" of our times, inspiring everything from Twitter memes to fan fiction.

Regarding the NBA for The New York Times, Marc Tracy wrote Drawing on not only the games themselves but also social media, off-court news, advertising and even politics, the league combines the melodrama of soap operas, the intimate access (whether real or contrived) of reality television and the personalized whimsy of fan fiction.

In a New York Magazine piece about exploration via Tinder, Breena Kerr wrote if you aren’t attracted to someone, for instance, who cares if you are both into the same fan fiction?

Forbes’s Hayley C. Cuccinello explored How Christina Lauren Went From [Twilight] Fanfiction Fame To 14 Bestsellers.

In a Globe and Mail review of Andrew Pyper’s The Only Child, Spencer Gordon wrote Today’s horror fans are trained to read, and watch, historically. From the grimiest of B-movie remakes to the cheek and transgression of fan-fic, horror exists on a knowing continuum, a tangled cobweb of tribute and rip-off.

In a piece for Asian Age about why no Indian shows or films produce as much fan output as Game of Thrones, Suridhi Sharma quoted author Anand Neelkanthan: “Perhaps all the Puranas were written as fan fiction. There are so many versions of Hindu mythology like Ramayana and Mahabharata that I think we have passed the stage of exploring fan fiction in itself,” he laughs, adding, “There are around 300 versions of Ramayana, so all this could be fan fiction. There are around 80 or 90 versions of Mahabharata. Each Purana has so many versions. There is fan fiction on Shiva and Vishnu. No stories have been as impactful for Indians as mythology, which is also why a lot of mythology-based fiction is selling so well now. Hanuman is our own Superman,” he quips.

Finally, msilverstar pointed me to an interesting Boing Boing piece by Racheline about bringing a fanfic sensibility to Tremontaine, concluding If you write stories – in your sandbox or anyone else’s -- the truth is that you’ve already met the wizard, because that’s what all of us that tell stories are.

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