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Media references to fanfic, the week ending 6/24/17

The New York Times published Amanda Hess’s 'When Fan Fiction and Reality Collide,' about “FANtasies,” a new anthology web series where fan fiction about internet stars is “brought to life.” As someone who writes YouTuber rpf/rps, I am… really uneasy about this.

For Comicsverse, Colleen Etman compiled A History of Slashfiction.

From Ed Mazza in Huffington Post: Creationist Fan Fiction Features Noah Fighting Giants And Dinosaurs.

For PopBuzz, Katie Louise-Smith reported that "Supernatural" Is Getting Another Spin Off Inspired By Actual Fan Fiction.

One Direction Fanfic Is Having a Moment in Mainstream Publishing (Brodie Lancaster, Pitchfork).

Los Angeles Times’s Priscella Vega wrote that, early on, [Harry Potter] Readers began writing their own fan fiction — borrowing characters or story plots from an author to create their own storyline — and fan videos and sharing it on the Internet. For Gulf News, Shyama Krishna Kumar invited readers to celebrate 20 years of ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ by going down [the] HP fan fiction rabbit hole. And, from The Hindu: The British Council is celebrating the Harry Potter Series, which released 20 years ago in 1990 in June by organizing a quiz and a ‘Literary Lounge’, on June 25. The quiz offers those between nine and 30 a chance to show off their Potter merchandise, sip on their Butter Beer and flex their Potter-attuned grey cells in a master quiz as well as a fan fiction competition.

The Irish Times’s Patrick Freyne wrote Phil [Collins] truly was an everyman, and not just because he looked like he had been casually assembled from the parts of several different men but because of his chummy attitude. (Incidentally, if you want to read some erotic fan fiction about Phil, go here: philrotica.wordpress.com/tag/erotica).

From James Davenport on PC Gamer: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a violent Tolkien fan-fiction generator.

For USA Today, Christian Schneider wrote It's not as if gerrymandering is a new practice; according to some accounts, it predated even the American Revolution. Partisan apportionment was known to the nation's founding fathers — it is rumored that Patrick Henry actually attempted, unsuccessfully, to gerrymander James Madison out of the First Congress. (Which, in my fan fiction describing the event, ended with an old-style caning to settle the dispute.)

Los Angeles Times’s Yvonne Villarreal wrote In our own [This Is Us] fan fiction, we imagine [Ron] Howard enlisting Kevin as a last-minute addition to the Han Solo production. Hartley, though, is just crossing his fingers that more Howard cameos are in his future.

From Nuria Perea on BuzzFeed News: How Indie Movies And Fanfic Helped Me Learn How To Be A Lesbian.

Finally, in a review of an art exhibition, The Boston Globe’s Cate McQuaid wrote Yuan Runhe’s wily painted fan, “A Surface of Obtained Flaws,” depicts an envelope and a thank-you note, which says that, in gratitude, the writer is sending a painting of a fan. Is it the object itself? Perhaps, but Yuan also paints a piece of a painting of a fan. Call it fan fiction.

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