Dragon Scholar (dragonscholar) wrote in fanthropology,
Dragon Scholar

Drabble - Redefnitions on many levels

Derived from the panels at Anime North 2005 (and there's going to be more, it was quite active).

One of the more interesting discussions was the change in the nature and prominence of the drabble. I've seen similar occurances, and found this intriguing:
1) Several people in the panels noted that they were seeing a LOT more Drabbles - not just in drabble communities or single challenges, but all over, sometimes to the point of annoyance ("can we see some real fics now?").
2) The definition of Drabble seems to have changed for some. To me, and those in the panels, Drabbles are short (100-500 word) fics, somtimes set to the precise amount of words, possibly a theme, and in general done quickly. But shorter fics seemed to be getting the term "Drabble" applied to them (My guess is that the term is altering to mean unedited fics done quickly and/or in a challenge).

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